First of all, what is preventive detention? Is this a must in some cases? Is this beneficial? Does this apply to any person? What will it take for a man to be ordered for this? Yes, preventive detention to some might be beneficial but for some, especially those who are ordered for this can be inhumane.
Preventive detention means to detain someone even when he is not yet proven guilty. There might be a crime done in which he is most likely the suspect and to make sure he will not run away, he is ordered to be detained.
If you are faced with this situation, you should hire a capable lawyer malaysia. Yes, this will really need a reliable and capable lawyer that can defend your rights.
Before anything else though, here are more reasons why preventive detention is a must at times:
1. This will apply to wartime individuals so that they will not be able to fight against the nation.
2. To prevent someone who is about to go through a trial from escaping, he will be detained temporarily.
3. This will also apply to those who are mentally ill. This is done so they will be protected as well as the society.
4. Those who have a certain disease that is quite contagious, they will be ordered a preventative detention as well so as the society can be protected.
The mentioned reasons for preventative detention need to be proven first though and the best person to explain this is a lawyer from the law firms in KL. So if your relative is ordered for this, you should right away hire someone you can rely on.
Sometimes, you will be thankful for this law especially if you are not the one ordered for this. However, if you will be the one to deal with such order, it will be such a blow. The best way to deal with this is to have an expert on your side like a lawyer from the law firm kuala lumpur.

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