Have you ever dreamed making your own clothes, and having your own designs? Back then, you might think it’s impossible. But remember, that was before. Now you can definitely do it. And we can help you.

We’re here to teach you the basic things you need to know about sewing.

  • There are many types of thread available: cotton, polyester, silk thread, and etc. Now, these threads have different purposes. For example, a cotton thread would be the perfect thread to use for soft and delicate fabrics, just like lingerie. It is because a cotton thread tends to break easily. There are still so much more you need to learn about trends, but don’t get overwhelmed because it will just come through without you noticing.
  • Let’s move on to sewing machines. You don’t really have to buy sewing machine immediately, you can start practicing with a needle. But since we know that as your skills develop, your equipment enhance as well, you will end up using a sewing machine in the future, and you have to be prepared for that. Once you decide to buy a sewing machine, it would be best for you to start with an inexpensive and basic sewing machine. Avoid buying the advance kind of such machines. After all you need to learn the basics, which include this.
  • Now, you can level up your skills a whole lot faster, with the help of having your very own workroom. Having your own sewing room will make things easier for you. You’d be more comfortable and focus when practicing. In setting up the perfect sewing room, you need to keep three things in mind: Good lighting, clean space, away from distractions if you’d be able to find a room having those three characteristics, then you’re good.

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