Anyone will feel horrified if they were to see a smashed car window. It is a terrifying thing to go through when dealing with car theft and the long list documents you have to cover in the case of this incident happening is a troublesome one. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips you should do to keep you and your car safe. Check out Liberty Automotive Protection & Warranty for a free quote today.

  1. Park in a safe place

Checking and rechecking whether you have locked your car can still place it in a vulnerable spot. When going out, make sure to park your car where it is always visible to people. Parking in a dark and empty area (even if it means saving some cash for parking fees) is like an open house for criminals to break open your door and steal your things within seconds. It’s better to pay a little more to have your car intact instead of watching your car disappear altogether.

  1. Invest in adding security modifications

Chances are most cars come with a security alarm and immobilizer. But there are still so many other ways that you can further improve these protection methods. Find a steering wheel lock that fits and holds your steering so that thieves can’t gain control or steer properly.

  1. Don’t keep your car running unattended

While it only seems like a safe bet to leave a running car away while you pay for a ticket, anyone could easily hop in and drive away with your belongings, or worse, if there’s a child on board as well. Always take caution and lock everything before leaving it. Placing something at risk is often not worth the trouble that comes after.

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