Dogs have been selectively bred for many years, creating a large variety or “breed” of dogs that range from different sizes and characteristics. An example would be the difference between the mighty Great Dane and the fierce little Chihuahua. Singapore is where an abundance of dog lovers and their loyal companions can be found in nearly every corner of the city as well as rural areas. With numerous pet-friendly restaurants, it is no wonder why this country has been deemed among happy dog heavens.

A puppy for sale Singapore takes pride in is it’s Shih Tzu. In addition to this, pomeranian dog breeds have also gained significant amounts of traction in the recent years. In mentioning popular dog breeds, one must not omit the Golden retriever from the selection. Golden retrievers are among the most gentle breeds in the world. In addition to being trainable and relatively intelligent, this also makes them a great fit for therapy dogs or service dogs.  You can also opt to adopt a dog Singapore is fond of, such as a poodle or a labrador retriever.

A poodle Singapore has been known to favor comes in three size varieties. As a friendly family pet, poodles are playful, energetic and affectionate. Moreover, a popular dog breed that has become the favorite of the country is such as the likes of the wrinkly-faced pugs and the elegant Maltese dog breeds. The tiniest popular dog breed would have to go to the chihuahua. Riding on their debut in Hollywood in movies such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua, the dog breed has enjoyed massive attention since. Known for their tendency to fight other dogs, Chihuahuas require early training to tame such tendencies in addition to their nipping tendencies. Overall, Singapore has enjoyed tremendous success in becoming a well-known haven for dogs.

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