Uber is a cab-hailing app that allows users to view the estimated prices of a ride before calling for a driver. The app has already caused major conflicts with current taxi drivers as more and more people prefer the convenience that the app brings. You could easily get a ride anywhere in 58 countries. Other than that, Uber also allows people to work as a driver as a side income during their spare time.

Google Photos

Google Photos is by far the best cloud storing app to store all your photos. One of the coolest thing about Google Photos is that it has a facial recognition feature that immediately detects faces of people and organizes them into a collection where you can easily find their photos by typing in their name or clicking on their face.

Handy Orten App/Handy Orten Ohne App

A German phone tracking app, handy orten allows users to easily track their phone or another user’s phone via a click of a button. The app allows employers to keep track of their employees who may be doing delivery services, or used in case of an emergency. Handy Orten is praised for its quick and efficient way at tracking phones quickly, especially when it comes to finding a lost phone, the app helps the user to track down where the phone has been even at the worst signals.


Duolingo makes learning a new language more approachable by using an interface that interacts with the users with engaging lessons. The free app supports 13 languages that are often broken down into lessons that are easier to understand. Duolingo’s main goal is to help users achieve the goal of being fluent in at least one new language when interacting with the app. Also, the app has a reminder for you to come back and continue with lessons when you haven’t been going back to open it.

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