Over the years, many American citizens have observed an alarming increase in the variety and number of incidents involving home repair scams. Among the popular types of scams include upfront payments, cheap low-quality services as well as ‘Gypsy Contractors’. Hiring a licensed and honest contractor comes hand in hand with many years of experience. Although some industries such as Garage Door Repair Lincoln NE, a garage door repair company are well known and hence, legitimate, homeowners need to be wary of freelance or relatively ‘newer’ contractors.

Among the few significant ways to spot an illegitimate contractor is when one asks for a large upfront payment or, in certain cases, the total payment for their services. Suspicious behaviors such as these can be indicative that they may simply take the payment and leave without fulfilling their promise. This leaves homeowners with empty pockets and the broken garage door they intended to fix. In addition to this, another possible sign of home repair scams is the one where advertising promises outcomes of high standards at low prices but delivers rather unsatisfying results. Quite a few carpet cleaning services are well known to do this. Promoting services at prices lower than the standard market price could very well mean these contractors are low-balling their clients.

Lastly, a relatively older scam among the home repair industry is ‘Gypsy Contractors’. These contractors are known to leave their clients with unfinished work due to irresponsibility. Gypsy Contractors are without official permits and more often than not, lack the knowledge and experience to carry out the job. Also known to travel in groups, hence the name, Gypsy Contractors travel between cities offering their services door-to-door to deceive potential clients by spreading false information about how they are also offering their services to other clients in the neighborhood.

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