Sometimes it can be difficult for some players in a new game to develop their own strategy that works well with how they play. Having your own formula to win is important. It includes strategies such as your understanding of the game, mastering at least one champion, and getting to know the rest of the champion’s unique ability. Nevertheless, there are still those who have not gained their own strategies yet. Each player’s winning formula can greatly differ from one another, and one of the ways to identify your perks is to practice playing outside of ranked matches even more.

Playing with your friends greatly improves your skill level especially if you know them well enough to give you moral support and allow them to give you advice on places that you should be aware of and points of improvement, especially if you’re new to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. It is crucial to practice positive behavior in the game. Many players can agree that while League of Legends has a vast community with more than 20 million players each month, there will always be a toxic bunch that you’ll encounter at least once. Being positive makes you a great team player, and lowers the risk of getting you reported for negative team behavior. Players who exhibit positive spirit have the chance to obtain honors given by other players in your team as well.

It is not advised to go for rank matches without a winning formula. It goes the same way when players should take a break from rank matches when they are experiencing a losing streak. League of Legends uses a ranking system called the Elo rating system, which calculates the overall skill level of players during matchmaking queues. Those who achieved a higher rank during the game’s seasonal event will achieve a medal embedded in their profile and some great prizes. As it gets incredibly difficult and competitive to keep your rank, Elo boosting services such as the Boosteria Organization helps players to increase their Elo rating significantly without needing the player to be going through the process with them.

Even so, every newcomer to MOBA games will eventually find their way around. Once they do find their winning formula, it can be the most addicting thrill to get with each long match in the game.

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